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Highland is a publisher of Christian Books, based in the UK. We like to think of our books as "pick-me-ups", in which the "me" can be understood in three ways...

How to be ecological, economical and promote fiction!

Amazon has spawned a flourishing ‘nearly new’ book market. It’s different from remainders, antiquarian and charity markets in that the volume of transactions is skewed in favour of relatively new product. From an ecological perspective, why only sell each book once for it to go yellow on some bookcase? Maybe the first buyer will never even finish it…

Some an hundredfold

I recently had reason to lament the attrition rate of independent bookshops (Yes, I know chains are not exempt…). Retail has always been tough but maybe there’s encouragement in the Parable of the Sower interpreted with a booktrading spin.

Anyone for biography

Just back from the International Christian Retail Show in Denver, I was amazed at how few Christian biographies were on the stands, except perhaps with the self-publishing imprints.

Two parables for a publisher

Have you ever wondered what the crucial difference is between two rather similar ‘Parables of the Kingdom’ in Matthew chapter 13: I am thinking of the parable of the treasure hidden a the field and the merchant in search of fine pearls?

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